There is no time to waist says Haiti’s Minister of Agriculture

Raphael Hosty, the Minister of Public Works, this week installed the new Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, the agricultural engineer, Vernet Joseph…

In his appropriate intervention, after the usual thanks, he presented the three main areas of intervention which will guide his roadmap, recalling “there is no time to lose; every second is counted.”

1 – Agricultural infrastructure and the development of watersheds, aimed firstly at the control and valorization of water in the plains and in the mountains, the protection and conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of climate-smart production systems;

2 – The development of plant, animal and fishing production, including a set of direct supports for increasing production in the different sectors;

3 – Agricultural governance, creating a favorable environment for investment and institutional strengthening for the improvement of agricultural public services and their greater efficiency.

Several priorities will arise from these axes, indicated the Minister, mentioning among others :

  • The recovery of inoperative agricultural areas for various reasons;
  • The extension of support programs for planters for the next agricultural seasons;
  • Restoration of hydro-agricultural systems into working order;
  • Improving fishing efforts to reduce our food imports;
  • Supervision of agricultural production and processing companies;
  • The establishment of a support program for producers for the next 18 months;
  • Support for egg and broiler production units.

Minister Joseph recognizes that the task is immense and says he is aware that the administration in place is inheriting a calamitous situation. He is counting on participation, multi-stakeholder involvement including other national institutions, technical and financial partners, the private sector, peasant production organizations, the University, the press and grassroots community organizations to produce conclusive results. “It is certain that the effort to develop productive and positive partnerships will permeate all of our strategies. As such, I continue to believe that we can move in the right direction. It is enough that we combine our efforts, that we pool our energies and our resources, that we are realistic and pragmatic in our choices and success will be within our reach.”

Learn more about Vernet Joseph :
Vernet Joseph has in-depth knowledge of the Ministry of Agriculture, acquired through his previous roles as an agricultural engineer and natural resources expert within the institution. He has extensive experience in public administration, notably as Secretary of State for Agricultural Recovery under President Martelly, and served as chief of staff at the Ministry of the Environment.

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